What to Consider When Buying A Volvo Truck

    Whether it’s a Volvo truck lease or you’re buying a Volvo Truck, there are things you should consider to ensure you get a vehicle that matches your needs and value for your money.

    Intended Use

    It is vital to assess the truck’s intended use, as this will help determine the necessary size and capabilities.

    Engine Specs

    Check the engine specifications, as the power and fuel efficiency will impact the truck’s performance and operating costs.

    Preferred Features

    Consider safety features such as automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring.

    Maintenance Costs

    Factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs. Volvo Trucks can be expensive to maintain.

    What Are the Types of Volvo Trucks For Leasing and Financing?

    VAH Series

    The Volvo VAH Series is a line of heavy-duty trucks designed for regional haul applications. Its 4 models are ideal for flatbeds, vehicle transport, or tankers. It features a sleek exterior and a comfortable and spacious cab, fuel-efficient engines, and advanced safety systems.

    VHD Series

    This is a heavy-duty truck designed for construction. It features a high-strength steel cab, a powerful Volvo D11 or D13 engine, and an efficient transmission system. Its suspension and axles provide excellent maneuverability and stability, while its safety features ensure driver protection.

    VNX Series

    The Volvo VNX series is also designed for construction and heavy-haul applications. It features a durable chassis, powerful engines, and advanced safety systems. The VNX series has a comfortable cab with ergonomic controls and a spacious sleeper compartment for long-haul drivers.

    VNL Series

    The Volvo VNL series is a range of heavy-duty trucks designed for long-haul transport. It features a comfortable and spacious cab with ergonomic seating and advanced safety systems, such as lane departure warnings and fuel-efficient engines with up to 455 horsepower.

    VNR Series

    The VNR Series is designed for regional haul and vocational applications. It features a sleek aerodynamic design, advanced safety features, and a comfortable and spacious interior. The VNR Series offers a range of engine options for maximum efficiency and power.


    How Our Team Can Help with Volvo Truck Leasing and Financing

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