Types of Freightliner Trucks For Leasing and Financing

    Freightliner trucks are efficient, reliable, and flexible. These trucks have advanced safety features to enhance road safety. We offer Freightliner lease services and finance Freightliner trucks, including the following:


    A long-haul truck designed for maximum fuel efficiency and aerodynamics.

    M2 106

    A medium-duty truck can be used in many ways, such as delivery, towing, and utility work.


    A heavy-duty vocational truck designed for tough jobs like construction, waste management, and mining.


    It’s designed for severe-duty applications, such as oil and gas exploration and mining.

    What to Consider When Leasing Or Financing Freightliner Truck

    Special Features & Truck Record

    When leasing or financing a Freightliner truck, it’s important to take into account its special features and track record. Each model has unique features so that you have options to choose from.

    Examining the truck’s history reveals the overall condition and potential long-term costs. These factors determine if a truck is suitable for your needs and matches your budget.

    New/Used Truck

    Whether leasing or financing a truck, it’s imperative to know if it’s new or used. New trucks come with warranties and require less maintenance. Used trucks may be more affordable upfront but have higher maintenance costs.

    New trucks have better fuel efficiency and technology features that could save money in the long run. It’s crucial to know the truck’s status to make informed choices.


    Freightliner trucks are complex machines that require regular maintenance and repairs to operate effectively. By neglecting maintenance, you risk damaging the truck, causing expensive repairs, and losing time and money due to downtime. Therefore, it’s crucial to budget for ongoing maintenance costs.

    Engine & Cab Types

    The engine type affects the power, fuel efficiency, and maintenance requirements of the vehicle, while the cab type affects driver comfort and productivity. Choosing the right engine and cab types can help optimize performance, reduce operating costs, and enhance driver satisfaction. It’s important to evaluate and select the most suitable engine and cab types based on the specific needs and priorities of the business.

    How We Can Help with Freightliner Truck Leasing and Financing

    Uplend offers flexible Freightliner financing and leasing services for businesses and private individuals in Canada. We can help you to acquire the vehicles you need to operate without bearing the full upfront costs.

    Our financing requirements are friendly, and the application process is simple therefore you can count on transparent pricing and clear terms, allowing businesses to understand the cost of financing before they commit to a lease. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options.

    Our Freightliner trucks financing solutions help businesses manage their cash flow, increase purchasing power, and optimize their fleet. With Uplend, businesses can enjoy the benefits of modern Freightliner trucks while preserving their capital and financial flexibility. Contact us today for more information.