Whether you want to consolidate your debt, need additional working capital, or want to lease new or used aggregate equipment, Uplend can provide the lease financing solutions you seek. Indeed, we help our customers get the equipment they need to continue providing value and excellent service without worrying about conventional bank loan terms or equipment acquisition costs and repairs.

Flexible Financing Options and Faster Approval

In most cases, you only need the right aggregate equipment to take your company to the next efficiency level. However, as you probably know, purchasing such equipment can hit your business finances hard.

This is particularly true considering such equipment is used hard and can break down or wear out when you least expect it. To address such convenience challenges, most companies are choosing to lease equipment instead of buying them.

Luckily, Uplend offers the best aggregate equipment leasing and financing deals in Toronto. Our team goes beyond conventional financing options and crafts personalized leasing and financing solutions for businesses to expand their operations.

Beyond the usual financial transactions, we connect with your business aspirations and operational requirements. This way, we can bridge the gap between financial resources and your full business potential.

With our flexible financing solutions and fast approvals, you don’t need to over-extend your business finances or dip into high-interest credit lines. Sure, credit unions and bank loans are a great resource for real property loans, personal loans, and credit lines.

However, the acquisition of aggregate or heavy equipment is a different story. It often falls out of the banks’ credit solutions.

What Type of Equipment Can You Lease?

We specialize in lease finance solutions, allowing you to access the equipment you need. This, in turn, allows your business to stay competitive even in an aggressive market. Here is a list of the equipment we can help you lease and finance:

  • Conveyors
  • Generators
  • Grizzly bars
  • Feeders
  • Trommels
  • Shredders

Who can Lease Aggregate Equipment?

Your business can lease the necessary used or new equipment at any development phase. Whether you are starting a new business or intend to expand your existing one, you can lease aggregate equipment and keep the ball rolling.

At Uplend, we pride ourselves on providing the equipment lease or finance solutions you need to increase your business productivity. As experts in heavy equipment, we understand your business’s unique needs, and we’ll customize our solutions to match your industry requirements.

So don’t delay in getting the right business equipment to stay ahead of your industry competitors. Contact us today to discuss the available leasing and financing solutions instead of purchasing heavy equipment. We can get your desired equipment lease financed.

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We had a great experience with Pest Line given how stressful of a situation it can be to have pest issues in your home. I would highly recommend Pest Line and Jaz for his willingness to help and especially his honesty, in times where stresses are high and gullible customers are vulnerable.

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Our experience with Irfan for truck and trailer financing was outstanding. His dedication to convenience, speed, and reliability is unmatched.

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Great working with Atif and the team!

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It’s been a pleasure working with Atif and his team at Uplend. They are knowledgeable, well connected and offer the best fit for your business. I’d highly recommend Uplend.

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