Boom truck leasing and financing, especially through partners like Uplend, could be the answer. It’s a cost-effective option to acquire heavy equipment like a crane and trucks.

Achieve Operational Efficiency with our Financing Solutions

Partnering with Uplend allows your business to afford its next truck with low and affordable monthly payments. We have many years of experience offering truck leasing and financing for businesses across the country. From your initial application to approval and actual funding, you can expect timely assistance and professional support.

We’re Committed to your Business’s Success

At Uplend, expertise isn’t just a word; it’s the cornerstone of our equipment leasing and financing service. Our team comprises industry experts well-versed in the nuances of acquiring boom trucks through leasing or financing.

The experts will ensure your company is equipped to handle all tasks at a job site efficiently. We understand that truck availability, performance, and quality are crucial to ensuring overall efficiency in your activities. That’s why we will work tirelessly to ensure you have the assets you need.

At Uplend, we don’t just provide financing. We leverage our expertise to understand our customers’ requirements thoroughly and match them with efficient boom truck leases or financing options. This understanding allows us to craft financing solutions that seamlessly align with your goals.

Professionalism is our Mantra

Note that Uplend is a platform where professionalism meets expertise, and commitment aligns with efficiency. We understand that every business is unique, and their equipment financing needs vary. That’s why we offer tailored truck leasing and financing solutions designed to empower your business for success.

Tailored Financing Options

The team at Uplend believes that your business deserves a boom truck that adapts to its needs. That’s why our approach to granting access to such an asset is personalized. After all, each of our customers is unique and requires a unique set of equipment.

Before we recommend a truck lease or financing option, we first focus on understanding your venture so that we can match your needs with a financing plan that complements your objectives. This ensures the specific truck you acquire can support your operations efficiently.

Timely Pre-Approvals Equipment Lease and Financing

Transparency is key in every business decision. That’s why we provide timely pre-approvals and a clear estimate of your monthly payments, maximum lease amount, terms, down payment requirements, and end-of-lease options.

Armed with this information, you can shop for equipment confidently, knowing precisely what fits within your budgetary constraints.

Broad Range of Financing Options

At Uplend, equipment leasing and financing flexibility is our forte. We believe in supporting businesses, regardless of the age of the equipment they seek to finance. While others might set strict age restrictions, we focus on the equipment’s condition and its fair market value.

If the equipment meets our criteria for quality and value, we’re here to finance it, regardless of age. Our diverse range of financing options reflects our commitment to facilitating your equipment acquisition without unnecessary barriers.

Supporting Start-ups

Starting a business is challenging, especially when traditional lenders hesitate to support such ventures. At Uplend, we break the mould. We understand the equipment-related needs of start-ups and young businesses, and we are committed to their success.

Our deep understanding of the industry allows us to approve boom truck financing for businesses with less than two years of operation. We believe in your potential, and our specialized approach to getting start-ups approved sets us apart.

Why Finance a Boom Truck with Uplend?

We’re Equipment Leasing & Financing Specialists

Uplend has been offering business equipment leasing and financing services for decades. Indeed, we are specialists in equipment leasing and financing. We focus on helping businesses get the trucks and other pieces of equipment they need to improve their operational efficiency.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Uplend, we help our clients navigate the process of acquiring boom trucks and other assets they need to support their operations. Our specialists will work tirelessly to ensure you have timely access to the boom truck you need.

Unmatched Customer Service and Support

Our team of like-minded professionals firmly believes in a client-centric approach to service delivery. We are always looking forward to adding value to your company through our services. Whenever you need a boom truck, contact us, and we will provide the support you need to get such assets.

Trusted Relationships

At Uplend, we have a network of over 30 lenders across the country. This network is carefully curated by our professionals. That’s why we promise the highest approval ratio for our clients. These trusted partners also open up many possibilities for securing optimal book truck financing solutions for our customers.

Get a Boom Truck when you need it

It’s now easier than ever to get the boom truck you need for your operations in Toronto. This is because we have simplified the application process and related paperwork. Such an expedited process isn’t common in traditional banks and other similar lenders.

At Uplend, we ensure fast review and approval of leasing and financing solutions for boom trucks. Also, we provide expertise and guidance. If you are eligible, you will get the truck or any other piece of equipment. This way, you can keep your enterprise moving forward.

Our Promise to You

Choosing Uplend’s service means choosing a partner dedicated to your growth. We are not just a financing company. We are your ally in achieving your business objectives. With our professionalism, expertise, and commitment, we ensure that your business gets the most efficient boom trucks, enabling you to operate at your best.

So don’t let boom truck leases and financing hurdles hold your business back. We create the convenience of accessing the assets you need without affecting your venture’s cash flow. Embrace the flexibility, expertise, and commitment offered by Uplend’s truck leasing and financing solutions.

Ready to get Started?

Contact us today and experience the difference a dedicated partner can make in transforming your business aspirations into reality. We will offer additional information regarding your truck financing depending on the unique needs of your business.

Your journey starts by getting in touch with us. During the initial consultation, we will delve deep into your financial requirements. We will also explain the unique aspects of our diverse financing solutions, flexible payment terms, competitive interest rates, customer service, and more.

Complete the Application Process

Once you understand our leasing and financing solutions, the next step is to complete a simple application process. We will help you estimate the financing amount you need and prepare the necessary documents.

Sourcing & Securing Approval

After completing the application process successfully, our team will assess the details you provided and determine your eligibility. Once approved, we will provide confirmation, terms of the lease or financing plan, and more.

Signing the Lease

It’s time to sign and execute your lease or loan documents. There are also supporting documents, including the confirmation of insurance, void cheque, loan or lease agreement signed in ink, and other deal-specific documents requested.


Once all paperwork is signed and supporting documents provided, we will deploy funding. We will also send a confirmation that a payment has been issued to the truck provider.

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