What is Boom Truck Financing and Leasing?

Have you ever wondered how businesses acquire those massive, powerful boom trucks you see on construction sites or in utility work? The secret often lies in an innovative financial solution –boom truck financing and leasing. It’s a cost-effective alternative to purchasing, providing businesses the flexibility to scale and adapt to market demands.

At Uplend, we empower businesses to afford their next boom truck with affordable monthly payments. We ensure easy applications and quick approvals – within 24 hours. Schedule a consultation with one of our boom truck financing experts.

Types of Boom Truck Financing Options

Considering boom trucks come at a hefty price tag, it’s recommended to seek various boom truck financing options that match your needs. Some of the financing options you can consider include:

  • Aerial lift truck financing
  • Overhead or gantry truck financing
  • All-terrain boom truck financing
  • Knuckle boom truck financing
  • Telescoping boom truck financing
  • Bucket truck financing

Uplend is a reputable financing company in Canada that offers boom truck lease and financing solutions at better terms than most lenders. We don’t require lengthy processes, and we can provide the boom truck financing assistance you need within the shortest period possible.

Types of Boom Trucks for Leasing and Financing

Boom trucks are specialty vehicles used for different operations such as tree trimming, transporting goods, and loading or unloading heavy products. They’re designed to offer mobility, capacity, and versatility. Some of the boom trucks available for leasing and financing include:

Aerial Lift Truck

An aerial lift truck is a game-changer for businesses that require working at heights. It gives your team the ability to reach higher, work safer, and be more productive. We offer financing options with flexible terms and competitive rates, ensuring you can conveniently add this essential equipment to your fleet.

Overhead or Gantry Truck

The overhead or gantry truck provides a versatile solution to material handling and transport needs. Its unique design allows for efficient operation in various settings. With leasing and financing options tailored to your needs, you can equip your business with this high-performing asset without breaking the bank.

All-Terrain Boom Truck

The all-terrain boom truck is built for extreme conditions. It delivers excellent mobility on both smooth and rough surfaces, enabling your team to carry out tasks efficiently, regardless of the terrain. Our financing solutions make it easy to acquire this robust and reliable vehicle.

Knuckle Boom Truck

The knuckle boom truck is known for its flexibility and precision. This versatile vehicle can maneuver in tight spaces and handle complex lifting tasks with ease. Our leasing and financing options offer quick approvals and great rates.  

Considering Boom Truck Financing and Leasing? We Can Help!

Get the right boom truck financing plan. Contact us today and discover the competitive financing option you’re qualified for, learn how your company will benefit from our financing solutions, and get a complimentary one-on-one consultation with one of our experts. With our hassle-free financing solutions, you can access the boom truck you need to expand your company operations.

After all, the smartest way to acquire such pieces of heavy equipment isn’t always through cash – our boom truck financing solutions are, by far, cost-effective.

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