Flatbed Leasing and Financing in Toronto

Having the right equipment is crucial for anyone in the trucking business. For hauling large and heavy loads, flatbed trucks are especially useful. However, purchasing a flatbed truck can be expensive, making financing or leasing a more feasible option.

Uplend offers flexible financing and leasing options for flatbed trucks, catering to the needs of small business owners and large fleet operators alike. Let Uplend be your financial partner. Don’t let financial constraints prevent you from achieving your dreams.

So why should you consider leasing or financing a flatbed truck? Here are some benefits to keep in mind:

Lower Upfront Costs

By choosing to finance or lease a flatbed truck, you don’t need to make a lump sum payment upfront. This can assist in maintaining your cash flow and investing your money in other crucial areas of your business.

Tax Benefits

Both financing and leasing can provide tax benefits. Consult with your accountant to learn more.

Flexible Terms

Our payment plans and terms are customizable to accommodate your budget and other needs. We can help you choose a finance or lease option that suits your business best.

Access to Modern Equipment

Leasing or financing allows you to upgrade to new equipment more frequently, so you can stay competitive and meet changing demands.

When it comes to leasing or financing a flatbed truck in Canada, you’ll want to consider the following things:

Your Budget

How much can you afford to spend each month? Make sure you choose a payment plan that won’t strain your finances.

Your Business Needs

Do you need a flatbed truck for occasional use or daily operations? Make sure you choose a lease or finance plan that aligns with your business needs.

The Age and Condition of the Flatbed Truck

If you’re leasing or financing a used truck, make sure it’s in good condition and won’t require expensive repairs.

What to Consider When Getting Flatbed Leasing and Financing

Several factors should be considered when seeking flatbed leasing and financing in Canada. Each of these factors can significantly impact the overall cost and value of your flatbed investment.

Down Payment

The down payment should be a key consideration when securing flatbed leasing and financing in Canada. It is the initial payment required to secure the lease or financing agreement and can vary depending on the lender and specific deal terms.

A higher down payment will result in lower monthly payments and overall financing costs. On the other hand, a lower down payment may have more manageable short-term costs but will likely increase monthly payments and interest charges over the lease or financing term.

Interest Rate

Interest refers to the cost of borrowing funds to secure your flatbed and can vary by lender, credit score, and financing term. A higher interest rate will result in higher monthly payments and overall financing costs.

Sales Tax

This is the tax charged on the purchase price of the flatbed and can vary based on the province or territory of the purchase. Sales tax can add a significant amount to the total cost of ownership.

Financing Term

The term is the length of time over which you will make payments and use the flatbed, and it can vary based on the lender’s policies and your needs.

Why Would You Consider Flatbed Leasing and Financing

  • To finance the purchase of new or used flatbeds
  • Getting tax relief on the interest liability
  • Claiming tax relief on asset depreciation (flatbed depreciation)
  • To expand your fleet or business with minimal capital
  • To cover related expenses such as insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs

How We Can Help

Uplend offers versatile and adaptable flatbed leasing and financing solutions. Recognizing that each enterprise has distinctive needs, we collaborate with our clients to customize our offerings accordingly. Our team of professionals will assist you throughout the entire process, starting from initial consultation up to contract completion.

You can expect competitive rates, prompt approval, and a seamless experience when dealing with us. Discover how we can help elevate your business with our flatbed leasing and financing options by contacting us today.

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