Your Trusted Consultants for Surrey Equipment Financing

    Do you require construction equipment or heavy equipment financing? For years, Uplend’s equipment financing teams have provided loan and lease financing that span private equity companies to publicly owned entities. We are experienced in a wide range of business sectors, enabling us to provide equipment financing in Surrey for diverse industries, including transportation, manufacturing, food & beverage, technology, and telecommunications. Instead of racking up debt by using your credit card to buy equipment, why not consider one of our financing options? Having the right equipment creates new paths for growth and revenue.

    Why Uplend?

    Relationships That Matter

    Grow your revenue with our affordable and easy financing options at UPlend. Our funding partnerships, competitive interest rates, and subsidized retail programs help you drive more profit in your business. We can assure you of competitive financing at the best rates in Surrey.

    Fast and Easy Process

    No matter the size of your business or the industry you operate in, access to the latest equipment gives you an advantage over competitors. Whether you are seeking to buy or lease your equipment or update or replace the old equipment, we can help you. We boast of industry-leading response rates and approvals.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    Purchasing equipment for your business can come with hidden prices. That’s why it is important to have someone to guide you through the process. At Uplend, we have a robust team with over 20 years in equipment financing and leasing. We will help you choose the right financing solution for your business.

    Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

    Our experts will walk with you from when you contact us to when you receive the equipment you need. We first take the time to understand your business and financial situation before recommending the right financing option. We have helped many business owners in Surrey; we will do the same for you.

    Personalized Financing Solutions

    The equipment needs of your business may differ from those of another business. In addition, your financial situation and capability also differ from that of another person. Therefore, we take time to understand you and your needs before recommending the best financing.

    Source Equipment

    Whether you are sourcing construction, transport, or medical equipment, you will have many brands and suppliers to choose from. Our experts will hold your hand through the equipment-sourcing process. We will help you choose the equipment that suits your business.

    Surrey Equipment Financing Services We Provide

    Capital Leases
    Term Loans
    Working Capital
    Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit
    Sales Lease Backs
    Operating Leases
    Operating Lines of Credit
    Equipment Back Revolving Lines of Credit
    US Dollar Loans and Leases
    Walk Away Leases
    Construction decor

    How to Get Equipment Financing in 3 Easy Steps


    Looking to expand your business? If you are looking to acquire new equipment, let Uplend finance you. Contact us to get started today. We look forward to helping you get the ideal equipment.


    Equipment financing allows you to raise immediate capital and ensure your business operations run smoothly. At Uplend, we have an easy online application process to ensure we don’t keep you waiting.


    You can complete the online application process in as little as 2 minutes! The approval process is also much shorter than that of conventional financial institutions. We will contact you within eight hours of submitting your application.

    Industries We Connect

    Landscaping Equipment
    Office Equipment
    Oilfield & Mining Equipment
    Flat Bed
    Recycling & Waste Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
    Road Building Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Snow Removal Equipment
    Technology Equipment