Your Trusted Consultants for Mississauga Equipment Financing

    Growing a business takes work. Uplend is here to help. We provide affordable equipment financing in Mississauga. You have the business, and we have the money. Our lending experts work with you and for you. We take the time to understand your current and long-term needs to enable us to set you with the right source of funds. Our team provides cost-effective equipment financing within the following sectors: construction, transportation, manufacturing, mining, forestry, and aviation. We will help your business grow today and in the future.

    Why Uplend?

    Relationships That Matter

    With our wide network of finance industry experts, every business that chooses our services wins. You cannot exhaust our funding options. We have numerous funding partners and also inject our own capital to offer effective financing solutions for our clients.

    Fast and Easy Process

    Whether you are investing in pre-owned or new equipment, we offer quick turnaround and competitive rates. We take pride in being a leader in creativity, speed, and customer service. We have what it takes to deliver the best results on your equipment financing project.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    We have over 20 years of experience in equipment financing. We will put this experience to work by finding the best-fit equipment financing solution for your company. We know your biggest concern is getting to work as soon as possible. Our team approves your loan in minutes, unlike conventional lenders that take weeks to approve loans.

    Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

    We understand that you are busy, and your time is crucial. Therefore, our team of financing experts will take the lead, guiding you through the equipment financing journey. Do not hesitate to contact us even if you are not sure about the right financing option for your company. We will help you make the right decision.

    Personalized Financing Solutions

    At Uplend, we believe in offering tailored, highly personalized services that maximize value for our clients. We understand that every customer is unique, thus the need for offering individualized service and attention. We will help you choose a financing option that matches your unique financial situation.

    Source Equipment

    We are a high-performance equipment financing and leasing company that offer financing options for different industries, including construction, transportation, manufacturing, mining, and printing. Whatever sector you are in, we will help you source the right equipment that matches your business needs.

    Mississauga Equipment Financing Services We Provide

    Capital Leases
    Term Loans
    Working Capital
    Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit
    Sales Lease Backs
    Operating Leases
    Operating Lines of Credit
    Equipment Back Revolving Lines of Credit
    US Dollar Loans and Leases
    Walk Away Leases
    Construction decor

    Enhancing Cash Flow Through Financing Solutions

    Unlocking business’s cash flow through effective equipment financing in Mississauga is crucial for sustainable growth. We offer flexible repayment terms that adapt to your business goals, enhancing your ability to invest in operations without the strain of upfront costs. By converting large purchases into manageable monthly payments, businesses maintain healthier cash flow levels, enabling continuous revenue growth.

    In the entire process, tax benefits from equipment leasing also serve as a boon, reducing additional costs and optimizing financial outlays. Each loan term and interest rate is crafted with your market position in mind, fostering trusted relationships as we advance together.

    How to Get Equipment Financing in 3 Easy Steps


    With our innovative and customized financial solutions and strategies, we can get you what you need today. Let’s get started today. We make the financing process fast, easy, and straightforward for all our clients.


    We accept online applications, making the application process easy and straightforward. Complete the application process in less than two minutes. We will contact you to guide you on the way forward.


    We will approve your application in only eight business hours. We can even avail of the funding the same day you submit your application. Our team of experts will help you from the beginning to the finish.

    Flexible Financing Options by Uplend

    At Uplend, we tailor flexible terms to align perfectly with your equipment financing needs. Whether you’re a startup or an established entity, we adjust loan terms and interest rates to support your goals. Our lease agreements benefit small businesses by requiring fewer necessary documents and offering manageable payments on a monthly basis. This flexibility ensures you can invest in the necessary equipment without straining your cash flows.

    Industries We Connect

    Landscaping Equipment
    Office Equipment
    Oilfield & Mining Equipment
    Flat Bed
    Recycling & Waste Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
    Road Building Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Snow Removal Equipment
    Technology Equipment