Your trusted consultants for Kitchener equipment financing

    Upgrading or replacing equipment can significantly impact your cash flow. At Uplend, we specialize in equipment financing solutions in Kitchener, aiding various industries, including medical and manufacturing sectors. Opting for financing allows businesses to spread the cost, aligning payments with the equipment’s lifespan. Commit your savings to other aspects of your business while enjoying fixed payments for easier budget management. This approach helps maintain liquidity and operational flexibility. We provide an obligation quote to help customers better determine how they might qualify and repay the financed amount.

    Why Uplend?

    Relationships That Matter

    Whether you want to purchase a single piece of equipment or upgrade multiple pieces of equipment, Uplend can help. Over the years, we have established solid relations with lenders in Canada, which have significantly improved our approval rates. We will get you the most favourable deal.

    Fast and Easy Process

    We never keep our clients waiting. When you contact us, we will swing into action to help you get the equipment you need. We have the financial capacity to provide sizable funding at the best rates coupled with industry-leading customer services.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    Our dedicated and knowledgeable teams of financing experts have deep industry knowledge and experience working with large institutions, municipalities, corporations, insurance, higher education, and healthcare. We are focused on fulfilling all your business financing needs.

    Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

    You will benefit from our relationship-centric and dedicated approach to equipment financing backed by extensive asset-class experience. We will support you right from when you apply for financing until you get the equipment you intend to purchase.

    Personalized Financing Solutions

    We can help you to maintain a competitive edge with our equipment leasing and financing products tailored to suit the unique needs of your business, irrespective of your industry. We provide customized financial solutions because we understand that every customer is unique, with individual needs.

    Source Equipment

    We help businesses secure equipment financing for a variety of business needs, including manufacturing and construction, surface transportation, IT & office equipment, aviation, healthcare systems, and renewable energy equipment. The good news is that we will help you source the right equipment from reputable manufacturers.

    Kitchener Equipment Financing Services We Provide

    Capital Leases
    Term Loans
    Working Capital
    Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit
    Sales Lease Backs
    Operating Leases
    Operating Lines of Credit
    Equipment Back Revolving Lines of Credit
    US Dollar Loans and Leases
    Walk Away Leases
    Construction decor

    Benefits of Choosing Equipment Financing

    We recognize that securing a business loan with a competitive interest rate can profoundly impact your operational success. Opting for equipment financing offers a robust alternative, especially if challenges like bad credit are a concern. By choosing this route, you don’t just acquire essential machinery; you preserve working capital. Our streamlined process ensures that borrowers can complete necessary applications swiftly and with minimal obligation. Plus, with our ability to offer competitive rates, you keep more money in your business while meeting market demands.

    Enhancing Cash Flow Through Financing Solution

    Financing equipment in Kitchener effectively fuels business growth by enhancing cash flow and enabling efficient operations. By opting for an equipment loan, businesses can preserve capital while accessing new equipment essential for expansion. Our competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms cater especially to small businesses, allowing them to invest in growth without the financial strain. Every loan is tailored, considering credit score and equipment financing needs—this strategic approach minimizes paperwork and expedites the entire process.

    How to Get Equipment Financing in 3 Easy Steps


    If you are planning on investing in any type of equipment, Uplend can offer you the right financial solutions to support you.


    At Uplend, we strive to make the process of acquiring capital equipment as simple as possible. Our application process takes two minutes; our experts will contact you for same-day approval.


    When you fill out the online application form, we will contact you within 8 hours to advise you on the next course of action. We understand that your business needs you, so we will not keep you waiting.

    Flexible Financing Options by Uplend

    At Uplend, we recognize the diverse needs of businesses seeking equipment financing. Our flexible terms and ability to customize lease agreements allow companies of various scales, from those needing small business loans to those investing in agricultural equipment, to find solutions tailored to their unique financial landscapes. Unlike most lenders, we ensure that our interest rates remain competitive, providing a clear advantages in both efficiency and access to necessary funds.

    Industries We Connect

    Landscaping Equipment
    Office Equipment
    Oilfield & Mining Equipment
    Flat Bed
    Recycling & Waste Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
    Road Building Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Snow Removal Equipment
    Technology Equipment