Your Trusted Consultants for Brampton Equipment Financing

    The success of your business highly depends on whether you have the right equipment for your business. Sometimes, you may need to upgrade your outdated equipment, but you don’t have cash in hand. That is where equipment financing comes in. At Uplend, we provide reliable equipment financing in Brampton to help business owners acquire the necessary equipment to keep their businesses operational. We support diverse sectors, including manufacturing, medical, office & business, and restaurant businesses. You can count on us for heavy equipment financing, from forklifts to large medical equipment.

    Why Uplend?

    Relationships That Matter

    The most successful businesses understand that having good relationships with lenders is an excellent business strategy. At Uplend, we have a well-established relationship with lenders across Canada. This gives us an advantage by allowing us to enjoy fast approval rates from leasing companies for all types of equipment.

    Fast and Easy Process

    Unexpected equipment upgrades or repairs could have a significant impact on your business. The good news is that the cost of equipment purchase doesn’t have to be prohibitive. You can access flexible financing for both pre-owned and new equipment. At Uplend, our dedicated financing experts are committed to providing fast financing approvals at the best terms.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    No matter the type of industry you are in, we understand that you require equipment for your business to operate smoothly. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will deliver the equipment you need in a friendly and personalized approach. Armed with years of experience in leasing and equipment financing, our funding specialists will help you make the right decision.

    Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

    Perhaps you are just starting out and don’t understand how equipment financing works. Do not worry; we will support you throughout the process. With equipment financing, we provide you with equipment for your business; you will be making regular payments to cater to the price and interest. At the end of the term, you can own the equipment or renew the lease.

    Personalized Financing Solutions

    Uplend provides customized and flexible leasing and equipment financing solutions for companies. We understand that every customer is unique. Therefore, we have a flexible lending process, not a rigid formula. We strive to get under the skin of a business and find out how the business can benefit from our financing.

    Source Equipment

    When acquiring equipment for your business, you must consider many factors. For example, you must consider the device’s output, the energy it uses, the overall space needed to place the machine, and the necessity of employee involvement. These factors can make sourcing a new machine challenging. Our experienced experts will help you source the ideal equipment for your establishment.

    Brampton Equipment Financing Services We Provide

    Capital Leases
    Term Loans
    Working Capital
    Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit
    Sales Lease Backs
    Operating Leases
    Operating Lines of Credit
    Equipment Back Revolving Lines of Credit
    US Dollar Loans and Leases
    Walk Away Leases
    Construction decor

    Enhancing Cash Flow Through Financing Solution

    Fueling business growth through equipment financing solutions is more than just securing a lease agreement; it’s about enabling flexibility in cash flow management. Our financing solutions are designed to meet the specific demands of your operations, facilitating the purchase and use of heavy equipment without the upfront costs.

    This solution helps you make informed decisions—an essential aspect of maintaining a competitive edge in any industry. We offer expert advice and services tailored to support your business’s expansion and operational finance needs, preparing you seamlessly for the subsequent steps in optimizing your financial strategy.

    How to Get Equipment Financing in 3 Easy Steps


    We invite you to contact us for all your equipment financing and leasing needs. You can fill out the online contact form or contact us by phone for immediate assistance. We will be glad to assist.


    Applying for equipment financing from Uplend is straightforward; you just have to complete a simple online application form. One of our lending experts will contact you to discuss your business funding requirements.


    When you apply for financing, you will receive an answer in only 8 hours. Our financing specialists are always available to help you choose a financing option fit for your business.

    Flexible Financing Options by Uplend

    At Uplend, we craft financing solutions that mold to your unique business rhythms. Tailoring a lease agreement is just the beginning. With adaptable terms, we ensure that the finance structure flexes with your operations, especially when it comes to obtaining heavy equipment. This personalized approach minimizes costs and maximizes efficiency—key for dynamic business environments.

    Industries We Connect

    Landscaping Equipment
    Office Equipment
    Oilfield & Mining Equipment
    Flat Bed
    Recycling & Waste Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
    Road Building Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Snow Removal Equipment
    Technology Equipment