Your Trusted Consultants for Abbotsford Equipment Financing

    Are you looking to purchase construction or heavy machinery? Perhaps you want to buy a highway tractor, trailer, or fleet vehicle. Whatever the case is, Uplend can help. We are the leading provider of equipment financing in Abbotsford. We can help you to expand your business by financing every piece of machinery you need. Whether you are acquiring new equipment or unlocking the equity in your existing assets, we will help you find the ideal solution for your business. We have helped many businesses in Abbotsford to meet their financing needs; we will be glad to help you too.

    Why Uplend?

    Relationships That Matter

    Are you looking to modernize and expand your operations or replace your outdated business machinery? Our equipment financing can help you meet the cost of new or used machinery to fuel your growth and increase production. We will give you the best approval chances, given our excellent relationships with lenders across Canada.

    Fast and Easy Process

    Uplend has a streamlined application and approval process to help your business get what it needs as soon as it needs it. Our financial experts are focused on establishing and maintaining great customer relationships. We are always willing to put in long hours of work to keep our customers happy.

    Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

    The team at Uplend comes with many years of experience in the equipment financing industry. We are ready to help you with all your financing needs, irrespective of the size or scope of your financing. We have expertise in financing industrial machinery, utility vehicles, and other equipment.

    Support and Guidance Throughout the Process

    Our dedicated equipment financing and leasing team is always ready to help from the time you submit your application to when you receive the equipment. We will do everything possible to keep your business thriving so you can continue growing and succeeding.

    Personalized Financing Solutions

    Our lending approach goes beyond simple equipment financing. We take the time to identify your needs and craft customized solutions that include fixed monthly payments to help you manage your cash flow, capital conservation to help your business grow, and tax benefits to enable you to achieve your strategic objectives.

    Source Equipment

    There are many equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Abbotsford, which can make the process of sourcing the right equipment daunting. What makes one equipment brand better than the other? Which features should you focus on when buying equipment? We help our customers to source the right equipment from the best manufacturers.

    Abbotsford Equipment Financing Services We Provide

    Capital Leases
    Term Loans
    Working Capital
    Pre-Approved Equipment Lines of Credit
    Sales Lease Backs
    Operating Leases
    Operating Lines of Credit
    Equipment Back Revolving Lines of Credit
    US Dollar Loans and Leases
    Walk Away Leases
    Construction decor

    How to Get Equipment Financing in 3 Easy Steps


    Contact our team today for personalized equipment financing solutions. We will structure and deliver customized financing solutions to meet your leasing and financing needs. Whether you are investing in new or old equipment, we will find the right option for you.


    We will not subject you to a lengthy and complicated application process and paperwork. At Uplend, the application process is fast and easy. You only need to fill out a simple online application form. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.


    Banks and other conventional financial institutions could take weeks before making a financing decision, whereas Uplend can make credit decisions within one day. We usually give approvals in less than 8 hours after submitting your application.

    Industries We Connect

    Landscaping Equipment
    Office Equipment
    Oilfield & Mining Equipment
    Flat Bed
    Recycling & Waste Equipment
    Forestry Equipment
    Road Building Equipment
    Industrial Equipment
    Snow Removal Equipment
    Technology Equipment